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AMI is now actively participate in the screening system through collaboration with the icloud, ai., advanced medical equipment and local medical center.



Even in the developed countries like Japan and America, it is not unusual for some doctors to give different diagnosis results to the same patient.

According to the latest medical news, the study published by Huffingtonpost of famous (USA) HuffingtonpostMayo medical center said that 88% of the first doctor’s diagnosis was completely different from the second diagnosis.

In another study, the treatment for 86patients out of 6,181 patients who are transferred to Johns Hopkins Institute of Medicine were announced as unnecessary or inappropriate.

The rate is low (1.4%), but if it is taken throughout the United States, that number will definitely be over 30,000 people.



This system has been operating for full-scale in 2020 and has already been 8 years.  At the moment, about 10% of the total diseases are available.

In the future all the experiences, examinations and treatment methods by Japanese specialists will be integrated in the software cloud, and this smart judgment system helps to diagnosis by the  collaboration with such as AI, clinical data, medical researchers, medical companies.

In the future, the patient will not have to worry which doctor to visit, all they have to do is get an essential examination at the hospital where they can trust. I hope the screening data will be sent to the system and the result of the diagnosis will be reported.

If you have a request, we will also provide a doctor reference service to advise the best treatment for you.

There are 3 profits

1. Inexpensive: 1.000.000VND (1 diagnosis) alone, you can get the world’s most advanced automatic diagnostic system.

2. Fast: Do not consider the circumstances of the doctor.

3. Japanese specialist level